Monday, February 6, 2012

6 Weeks In

I am off to a much improved start in comparison to my build for Ironman Florida in 2010. With just under 6 months until game time the work is getting done and the fitness is coming around steadily.

It's amazing how much of a difference it makes when you actually have the time and energy to get the volume in. When I was training for Florida my life was much busier. KJ and I were building a house, planning a wedding, and working full time. Now we are married, have a house, and "only" working full time.

KJ has been amazing is allowing me to get my volume in without any guilt trips of her increase in house work. I have a great set up for training which makes it that much easier to just go get it done without having to drive to a gym or wait for said gym to open. Whats better is there is room for friends and teammates to join in the fun. There has been at least 3-4 people here every Tuesday and Thursday and occasionally on the weekend to get the miles done together. The time goes by so much faster and we are able to help motivate one another.

This past weekend was a great weekend of training. Saturday was my buddy Bill Wheeler's birthday. He is an avid runner training for the Boston Marathon. In honor of his 32nd birthday we planned to run 32 miles...or at least Mary and Doug did. The rest of us chose our specific distances based on where are fitness was.

Jim and Kelly came over prior to the run for a quick spin in the basement. We then went to the center of town to meet up with everyone. Jim and I ran 13.5 while Kelly threw down arond 11 or so. We all headed back to the house for another 30 min on the bike before meeting back up for a bite and beer with everyone else.

Sunday was spent at Jim and Kelly's spinning for 3+ hours. We started with 7 people and at the end there were 4 of us remaining. It was times like this weekend when I am appreciative for my teammates. Lots of laughs and lots of miles.

Unfortunately my run on Sunday was cut a little short due to a minor hip irritation. I attribute it to the fact that I may have over done it a little bit earlier in the week and not stretched appropriately. Regardless of the cause, I am resting and stretching it now and will test it out on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I will remain on track. Up to this point I haven't missed a single minute of any workout with the exception of some run time from Friday which will be made up this week. Its a great feeling and I can't wait to see what it does for me on July 22. During a run with Pat about 10 days ago, he passed on some great advice to help keep me focused. It has already manifested itself at the forefront of my mind and will remain there until further notice.
Up next is the Hyannis Half Marathon at the end of this month and hopefully some more nice weather to keep the indoor training to a minimum.

Getting late and time for bed...early ride in the am!


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