Saturday, February 11, 2012

Need Motivation?

Here are a few videos that get me pretty fired up. First off you may want to pause or mute the music player at the very bottom of the page. The first video is where I got the idea for the first song on my blog's playlist. Enjoy!

This next one is the extended version of what was just a clip in the first video. By the way, Bevan Docherty is not in the light blue kit...

Last but definitely not least, vintage Cyclonauts. Thanks to Jim for getting the club into Ironman racing and making this video, #goodstuff

*writers note - Jim is still crushing it and leading the way for Cyclonauts. He recently did 600 miles in 6 days on his bike. Dont believe me? Check out the proof:

Less than 6 months til Placid...

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