Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2 Feet First

As in jumping back into training. This week marked the official start of my prep towards Lake Placid Ironman in July 2012. Over this past July 4th weekend, while sitting at the beach with Kara and her family the discussion of starting a family came up. Being that it was the middle of the tri season and my current schedule included Providence 70.3 the following weekend as a qualifier for Vegas 70.3 Worlds, my thoughts were to start a family towards the end of the 2011 tri season. At that point Al (KJ's father) chimed in asking if I was going to take another shot at Kona before starting a family. My response was that family was more important and I have my entire life to qualify for Kona (even if its in my 80s). Al encouraged me a little more saying that I should take another shot at it before kids since I was so close at my last attempt. Kara agreed and I decided Lake Placid would be my qualifier.

Because I was given this new opportunity I thought it better to put all my chips in one basket and cut the 2011 season short following USAT nationals in August. This allowed me to take an early off season and really gear up for the start of training come December.

December has now arrived (and is almost over) and so the official training has begun. I have a new found confidence and drive taking me into this 30 week block culminating in Lake Placid. There a few additional races along the way that will be good benchmarks and prep opportunities.

So will it happen? I would love nothing more than to make it to Kona. Having said that, I also know that in the sport of triathlon, just saying the word Kona can be a jinx. Many that set out for it do not mention it while in training. They may talk generally about Kona, but when someone is asked directly if they think they can make it to the Big Island, the athlete often deflects or answers vaguely. Well here is my answer. YES. I know I have the ability to get there. If I complete all of my workouts, eat properly, sleep adequetely, and control all of the variables that are in my power, then I will be booking a trip to Hawaii at the end of July. Obviously there are things that I can not control; mechanical issues, training injuries, and events of that sort. That said, I am putting myself out there. In an effort to make myself both vulnerable and accountable between now and July 22, 2012. I am not going to deny it and I am not going to celebrate it. My objective it not to be cocky or over confident, it is to simply believe in myself, stick to my plan and hopefully show others that there is no such thing as superstition when you make a plan, stick to it, and work hard for your dreams.



czechchick15 said...

Love the confidence! Go get em!

bdonoghue said...

You can't do an ironman if you have a kid? I'm screwed

Brant Fahle said...

I love the way you are putting yourself out there! Great job. Patti and I will be pulling for you the whole way!

NUgladiator96 said...

I have always been inspired by you and proud to know you. You just reminded me why once again. Keep it up!

TriFilmer said...


You really are a rock star! Keep it up!