Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 Season Arrival!

So the season is finally off and running, more than me at least. I started this year off with a return to the Ludlow Sheriff Sprint and a 4th place finish overall. I was happy because it was a faster time than last year with more competition which is always more exciting.

The second race of the year came in duathlon form at the Coast Guard Du on the Cape. This was the first race that I did that didn't involve a swim, which doesn't make much sense for me being a swimmer and all, but it was a learning experience and I think it actually helped my run. 6th place finish overall and a win in the Clydesdale category for the first time ever (thats the fat male category 200+ lbs).

The most recent race was this past weekend again in Ludlow, this time the Boys and Girls Club race. This was a Grand Prix event that the Cyclonauts dominated once again. I was not so happy with this years race as it was almost 90 seconds slower than last year. Not only did I make a wrong turn on the bike course because the Cop was twittering or playing with his Ipod, but I lost my divisional win in the last 3/4 of a mile. The good news is the guy that I lost to goes/went to Springfield College and will be joining the Nauts. He also said he is doing the Chicopee race in August which is something to shoot for for me, knowing that there will be other age group talent there.

For now its time to up the running miles and put together a decent 70.3 at Rev3 this weekend.