Saturday, September 13, 2008

Morning of BEERMILE

Later this afternoon I am pleased to say that I will be participating in my first ever Beermile. Beermile is completed in the following manner:

1. Drink 1 full beer
2. Run 1/4 mile
3. Drink 1 full beer
4. Run 1/4 mile
5. Drink 1 full beer
6. Run 1/4 mile
7. Drink 1 full beer
8. Run 1/4 mile

The person to complete this task in the fastest time wins! There are many rules that go along with it including: beer must be 5% alcohol by volume, must be a 12 oz or 355mL can, no bottles, no widemouths, no shotgunning etc. Doug Guertin in the current record holder at 10:06 for the cyclonauts. For official state and national records please check out

My choice of drink for this evening will be none other than good ol' PBR. Pics and report to follow.

Ready set DRINK!!

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