Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beer Mile!!

Easily the most fun running events I have ever completed! Kara and I were the last ones to show up on Sunday. No sooner did we get there, we hopped into Pookie's car and off we went to the venue. At this point it was going to be Me, Jim, Pookie, Mike G, Jim B, Doug, Mary, Totz, Kevin Young, A-Dubs and Mikki in a relay, numerous guys from Mary and Dougs MTB crew competing along with plenty of spectators.

(Jim B with his racing goggles)

Jim showed up in his vintage army green leisure suit, doug was in his running shorts and one of Mary's sports bras, and after a quick costume change I was in a sweet pair of daisy dukes and a louisiana blues tank top with a trucker hat for good measure. Just before the gun went off Jim stripped down to reveal his racing uniform: purple speedo from the Chicopee Speedo challenge, knee high compression socks, heart rate monitor, and aviators to match the chops.

The gun went off and the sweet sound of beer cans being opened filled the air. In about 22 seconds the first beer was finished and the remaining drinkers paused in awe as none-other than Lisa "TATTERRRRR" Totz was off and running!! After all but 2 people were running, I finished my first PBR and took off sprinting. I was able to catch the entire field during the first 1/4 mile and entered T1 in the lead!

I was followed by Jimmy and Mike G in a fairly close race. After throwing back the second of 4 PBRs I took off once again at an aggressive pace. My plan was to run fast early on while there wasn't much beer in my system and then slow down as I drank more. My plan was working and I manged to enter T2 still in the lead with Jim and Mike G both still on my tail.
(Mary in the middle of the race-what determination!!)

In the same style as before I took off for my third 1/4 mile with only 1 more beer and 1 final 1/4 mile to go. I managed to stay in the lead heading into the final beer at T3. This was a tough one. During T3 I just couldn't get the final beer down. Jim and Mike G had both since entered T3, Jim had stripped down to his racing thong, and now the 3 of us were chugging as fast as we could!!

Mike finished the beer first and was off and funning, followed closely by Jim. By the time I choked down my final beer I headed out and realized that I had no chance of catching them without puking. Instead I decided to try and keep the beer down and hold on to 3rd place.

I managed to do just that and still come in under the previous record of 10:06!

The official results are as follows:
Jim “Big Daddy” Sullivan 9:10
Mike “ El Presidente” Gay 9:12
Paulito “Young Gun” McCloskey 9:37
Kevin “Cowboy” Young 9:51
Mikki & Amy “PGGA” Relay 10:13
Mike “PTM” LaPlante 10:22
Andy “Pookie” Phillips 10:27
Jim “Miami Vice” Bourcier 10:28
Bryan “Jackass” Wilson 15:29
Lisa “Tater” Totz 20:45* Penalty
Doug “The Puker” Guertin 24:03* Penalty
Mary “Trailqueen” Miziaszek 29:07* Penalty

All in all the top 4 finishers broke the previous record held by Doug. It was an awesome mix of drinking "quality" beer, running through a mix of stumblers, racers, and pukers, and just plain ole Cyclonaut fun.

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