Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whats Next?

After talking with 2 experienced and knowledgable guys (thanks Andy and Pat) it was deteremined that the next step is keeping at it, and moreso than last year. Missing Kona by 9 minutes is tough; plain and simple. The thing about it is that I knew when I was passing on a workout earlier in the season that it may have repercussions. Those ill effects added up and led to a less than optimal bike and a run that was about 10-15 minutes off of my projected time. Both of those would have put me on the Big Island.

Between missing Kona and the opportunity with purplepatch it is clear that I need to commit! Pat and Andy agree that my biggest limiter is my durability (my body's ability to maintain high levels of exertion over extended periods of time without failing). With Ironman Lake Placid being my next attempt at Kona, the plan is to do another full Ironman build this year, rest shortly and then go in to another ironman build for LP in 2012.

With that said, all I can do at this point is train. Pat said it in a way that really stuck, "train more than just about everyone else" I know many of you will respond by saying its not the quantity its the quality. Knowing where Pat comes from when he says this, I get what he is saying and I know damn well what it means. Do Work!!

Today it worked, most likely because it was so fresh in my mind. I went for a run at the res with Ochoa and man was it cold. The plan was to get in at least 6 or 7 miles however the wind was brutal. After 3.5 miles we called it quits. Luckily I had a gym bag in the car and was able to go directly there. I hopped on the tready for an additional 5.5 miles totalling 9 on the day. After 4200 in the pool yesterday and 9 on the ground today I would have to say that this week is off to a good start. My challenge will be to maintain throughout the season. For now, its time to go flip through magazines and find various motivational items. Training is going to have to get done if I want Hyannis to be a success in 3 weeks.


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