Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Response

"Thanks so much for applying to the purplepatch farm project. I am very sorry to tell you that you just missed out on this trip. Please make sure you apply and you were on the very final list of athletes (in fact, you were in the final two men), and we just could not find room. If you applied again my bet is that you will have every chance to make it.

You were an exceptionally strong candidate and very much enjoyed chatting on the phone. I think that you will continue to evolve and I would highly recommend you apply for the next time through. I thought I would talk 'off the record' to provide some helpful insight to you for future applications (as well as framing your own sport) Take this as you will, but I hope you receive it in the spirit of me trying to help.

The successful applicant displayed similar skill-sets to you, but was highly succinct in his vision for his sport, where he wanted to be in three years time, and had a great grasp of personal strengths and weaknesses. It all came out well in the discussion.

I thought you did tremendously well and were very close to achieving a spot, but wanted to provide some feedback to help you succeed next time.

1. Where do you really want to be in three years?

2. What is the path to get there?

3. What do you need to work on to get there?

I would say that everyone wants to be 'as good as they want to be'... but defining it and being able to create a self-vision is important!

Regardless, please stay in touch and keep me in the loop with how your season goes. I would LOVE to see you excel this year and think highly of you as an athlete. I think you have potential to move on and become a great performer in this sport. Please throw your name in the that again, for next time!

Please let me know of questions. Next project: May - Southern California. Make sure you apply!



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