Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick Update

I ran St. Paddys 10k in Holyoke and im pretty sure i PRed for a 10K as i finished around 43 minutes. Since then I have ran without any issues including an 11 miler 2 weeks ago. My main concern now is my lack of fitness on the bike. Everyone around me is upping the ante and leaving me in the dust. My new GURU Gus is finally built and i think when I get back from Myrtle Beach on Sunday Im going to go out and suffer for at least 50-60 miles.

I swam for the first time yesterday and it felt great to stretch it out in the pool. I am going to try and do that once or twice a week and get a good feel for the water back. Until next time, just keep riding!!


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Anonymous said...

I already know too much about you. Why the blog?