Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to the Running...FINALLY

Since my return last weekend to the Snowstorm Classics I have been more focused on my building my base for this upcoming season. This was the first time in a few months that I was able to hit 20 miles of running in a week. The calf issue has finally resolved and I was able to log 20.4 miles this past week in 5 days of running. I ran the 10k Snowstorm yesterday with the plan of taking it easy and just getting the miles logged outside as oppossed to the treadmill where the remainder of my miles have been completed.

When it is less than 10 degrees outside it isn't the easiest to back off and run slow. I NEEDED to warm up and as a result I pushed the pace. At the 4 mile mark I was maintaining around 8 minute miles and then the racing bug showed its ugly head and I pushed it. The covered the last 2.2 miles in 16 minutes which put me under 8 minute miles. It felt good and I am not sore today...BONUS! I plan on heading to the gym later today for an easy 2 mile loosen and some weight training. Kara, her fam and I are all heading to Mount Snow tomorrow for some downhill skiing with fresh powder on the ground so I am wicked stoked for that.

In other news my Survivor audition has been completed and delivered to CA.
Studying has been going especially well lately and I am almost excited for my exam.
I swung by Springfield College yesterday after my race to watch (and announce) the meet against NYU. It was a wicked close with both the mens and womens meets coming down to the last relay. They both won the final relay which gave the women a victory and the men a tie. They are having a stellar season and I can't wait to see the culmination. Thats all for now, I will check back soon, perhaps with some pics from Mount Snow.


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