Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Guru Frame!!

Every season my tri team (the Cyclonauts) compete in a team series put on by FIRM (Fiske Independant Race Management). The series has a number of Grand Prixs that you are able to earn points at. They also have non point races that occur just about every weekend from May til October.

This year they had a raffle put on by one of their sponsors Quad Multisport in Arlington, MA. The winner would recieve a choice of a brand new 2008 Guru Chrono TT frame or a 2008 Guru Geneo road frame (each worth about $4500). You were entered into the raffle by placing top 5 in your age group at any FIRM race.

From what I have read, Guru makes an awesome bike. Measurements are taken prior to ordering the frame in order to have the perfectly fit bike. I found out yesterday that I won the raffle!! I have never won anything of this magnitude and am completely stunned. I plan on heading out to Quad Multisport at the end of the week or beginning of next to get fitted!

Guru Chrono TT

Guru Geneo

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