Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

After a few visits with Erik (my PT), I am feeling better and better with my running. I haven't had pain and have been able to run up to 45 minutes at once. As expected, there was a little bit of lost fitness, but with how quickly it arrived at the start of my training I am confident it will return in a fairly short time.

At this point I am right in the heart of my training. It is week 17 of 30 and the volume and intensity are both picking up. This time of year is generally my favorite as the weather starts to warm up and race season is upon us. Everyone is itching to race and road races no longer satisfy that desire. This is without a doubt the most successful and dedicated winter I have ever had. My fitness is well ahead of schedule, my weight is right where it needs to be for the time being and I already have a ton of miles in my legs. Given my current state, all I want to do is RACE!!

Ironman Lake Placid and Syracuse 70.3 are the only races I am currently registered for. LP is obviously the focus and Cuse is just a tune up for Placid as it is 4 weeks prior to the big day. Me being me, I have been looking all over the northeast for races that fit my training prior to Cuse. All I want to do is showcase my fitness and kick some ass. With my mind going a million miles per hour and legs jonesing for a race I temporarily lost track of what the big goal is....Kona. Lucky for me, I have a great friend with a wealth of experience in this area and he did for me what a true friend would do and gave me a hard dose of reality:

"Don't worry about it (race next weekend). Remember Kona is the goal. Having fun is no longer part of training."
Me: so don't race quabbin or the sprint tri? Just stick with planned volume?
"Yup. Its not fun I know but you have to put your eggs in the training basket... I know its boring but in terms of giving you the best possible chance those 5 hour rides are key."

Its true, Ironman (and even half irons) aren't short races. I know I can get pumped for a sprint and have a great day and a ton of fun in the process. That said, it will be a great feeling when I get off my bike at Placid in under 5.5 hours and can still run a great marathon. Punching that ticket to the big island is all that matters, even if it means I don't get to race the Speedo Challenge this year. Some people give you ego boosts and all the confidence in the world, then some people tell you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it.

That said, you will see me at the Speedo Challenge. I may not be in one of my new custom speedos and I may not be on the start list, but you can count on me watching the fireworks happen as it is anyones race, and just being there will continue to stoke the fire that will really explode on July 22.


ps, I have successfully linked Soul II Soul and triathlon...youre welcome

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