Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Almost Race Day

It is about time!! I have only been waiting for this time to come for just about a year. This time last year I made a fantastic trip down to Panama City Beach FL with a bunch of great teammates to volunteer at Ironman Florida. We went down, had a blast, volunteered, registered, and came home. We rocked the bars til 2am, cheered until just about midnight, and ate our faces off. It was this race where the Speedo Spectators were born.

This time around is going to be different. Rather than grabbing a McGriddle sandwich at the airport before our flight down, I will be have a yogurt, banana, and protein shake. Instead of getting off the plane and stopping at Hardees for double burger deliciousness, I will be looking for my turkey sandwich on white. Rather than closing down Coyote Ugly after pre-gaming at the Hofbrau Beer Garden, I will be checking in and attending the athlete meeting.

Even though both trips have a completely opposite approach and feel to them, they are equally as exciting. I am looking forward to being on the opposite side of the barricades this time around. I have put in a year of very regimented training, made significant dietary changes, and prepared more psychologically then when I was behind the starting blocks of the Collegiate National Championships.

Even more exciting than race arriving however, is knowing that I will be sharing it with a group of wonderful people. I am so grateful to have my wife (still sounds funny), my little brother Jake, and a swarm of teammates and their families to share this with. And even though a lot of people wished they could have made it but are unable to at this time, I know that they will be supporting me back home, following me online, and sending good vibes my way. I can't wait to write up my race report for this one. This race has been a long time coming and it is finally here.

See ya on the other side of finishing tape!


Kyle Magoffin said...

Go Get Em Pauly

Anonymous said...

Go Paul E. Boy!!! We are with you all the way. Leave the others in
your dust!
Love, Mom and Dad